About the Designer - Omega Art

Brooke Challen (Omega Art) from Queensland, Australia is a passionate graphic designer with a true gift for alternative designs encompassing an on-trend focus subject portrayed with a quirky twist. Her talent has exponentially grown from first starting drawing to replicate artwork she liked from movies and games all the way to featuring in worldwide exhibitions.

Brooke is a humble yet prestigious Graphic Design student of JMC Academy - Australia's leading private university for the creative arts. Her work has traveled in exhibitions around the world to the likes of Japan and Canada and has also represented closer to home in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne. Brooke is called upon by unit leaders at JMC to facilitate classes and teach design programs to fellow and incoming students to the Academy. Her submitted art has been used to represent JMC Academy's results on advertising around Australia. Brooke's passion for art drives her to represent herself as a Concept Artist for the Media Industry.

In her spare time, Brooke likes to create art about trending topics on different platforms, explore new vistas for inspiration, and read the latest fantasy series. She thrives in social environments and will always leave an interaction with praise for her talent and more often than not, a tattoo or custom print to design!

Alternatique Designs was created by Brooke and her partner Kaiden. It was born from an amalgamation of Brooke's passion to create alternative and unique designs and Kaiden's passion for online systems and great customer service. We hope to deliver contemporary designs to you with the utmost integrity. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at info@alternatique.com


Written by Kaiden Carter for Alternatique Designs